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Who were the Port Chicago 50?

This was one of the stories I wanted to do when I returned to the Bay and to local news. Thanks to a state legislator, I got my chance. It was a quick turn that afternoon. My hope is that this local history lesson lives longer online than the spot story that ran on KNTV.

What bunnies do in Springtime

Just in time for Easter, I shot and edited this package about a big bunny. It got lots of eyeballs online and on social. Definitely watch to the end! I’m experimenting with formatting text on the screen while also learning Edius. It was so fast and effortless with Final Cut — all muscle memory. Think about an edit, fingers […]

New job!

Just started, but not wasting time. This first-person package got mad play online and picked up by NBC affiliates across the country. A quirky presidential primary story for Presidents’ Day – just what the station ordered! And I didn’t fall off the roof. Here’s how NowThis (an NBC News partner) cut it: