Indie flicks, lemonade stands and record-breaking Rosies for KNTV

I’m still pushing myself to edit more creatively for mobile and social. It’s challenging because the station doesn’t have a style guide or templates. I’m also using Grass Valley’s Edius, which isn’t built for this kind of thing. And these stories get done in between breaking news, VOSOTs and cutting “social video.” Basically, I’m making it up as I go along.

This one, Lemonade Stand, has 47 titles. I counted. It was the 6pm kicker on KNTV and got picked up by KNBC too.

I shot this story about the new movie Kicks in the morning and filed it that afternoon. Keep an eye out for Justin Tipping…

This Rosie Rally preview had fun energy but I think it’s less successful and a bit confusing stylistically. Shot it in the morning, cut a VOSOT for the 5, and published early that same afternoon.