Digital video at

A few years ago, I worked at the now-defunct, a startup dedicated to retelling episodes from history for online audiences. My friend Charlotte brought me on board as a video editor and producer. This was back when people still watched horizontal video on Facebook. I wrote scripts and edited videos, managed freelancers, wrote a […]

The long tail…

Way back when I walked uphill both ways to my first reporter job at a local public radio station… I liked to experiment with narrator-less first-person style packages. This was one of my first efforts: Office/Gallery, a profile of an artist/insurance salesman who curated art exhibits in his office on the down low. Studio 360 re-ran it three […]

Spin Room

A dizzying evening in the spin room I covered the debate for NHPR and later filed this freelance story for NPR’s On the Media. HOST BROOKE GLADSTONE: After Thursday’s debate wrapped up, the weary candidates exited stage right and went, not home to bed, but on to the Spin Room. There, the reporters ask the […]

NH Loves Motorcycles

New Hampshire loves Motorcycles From New Hampshire Public Radio, Raquel Maria Dillon finds New Hampshire residents are awfully fond of motorcycles. Despite the ice and snow, residents of the Granite state own more bikes per capita than residents of any other state. Listen with Windows Media Player: NH Motorcycles (transcript after the jump)

Telefutura launches

New Spanish-language network debuts The Spanish-language TV station Univision has been one of the few expanding outfits during the latest saga of cutbacks and layoffs in the American media. This week it even unveiled an offshoot network with a special emphasis on American (and English-language) culture to target bilingual youths. OTM’s Raquel Maria Dillon reports […]