More digital video for NBCBayArea

Day turns for Look what a difference a new template makes! My improvised template was much harder to work with: Steelhead Rescue Giving Stump Stomper Mural New and improved template from NBC HQ: Women’s Mosque Methane Drones Cash-Free Restaurant Peeps Dioramas

Outlaw Urban Farmers

VIDEO: City chickens in the shadow of downtown LA Urban farmers fight nationwide to sow green biz By RAQUEL MARIA DILLON | Associated Press Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Tara Kolla fancied herself a green thumb-turned-green businesswoman when she planted an organic flower plot in her yard and sold poppies, sweet peas and zinnias at […]

Swaying to soundtrack of life

SONOMA COUNTY FAIR: Trio Zaragoza takes audience down memory lane with greatest hits of 1940s Mexico This story ran on Sunday‚Äôs A1 and with an audio slideshow online. The editors were desperate for a piece about the growing popularity of the county fair among Latino families. I couldn’t think of anything interesting to say about […]