Recent Radio Work

Here’s a long overdue post with my latest work in audio, mostly for KQED.  Orinda Shooting, live field reporting, 11/1/19 — I went live a lot that morning, starting at 5:30am. Here are some select hits: for The California Report statewide segment, for the local newscast on the hour, and on KQED’s call-in show, Forum.  […]

Live Election Night two-way interview

Election Night 2002: Live interview I was interviewed live for our election night special to set up a congressional race from a candidate’s campaign headquarters. Listen to MP3: Election Night 2-way

1st Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop Elected

In New Hampshire, Gay Man Elected Episcopal Bishop Episcopalians in New Hampshire elect an openly gay priest as their next bishop. If confirmed by the church’s national General Convention next month, Rev. V. Gene Robinson will become the first openly gay Episcopal bishop in the country. Hear Raquel Maria Dillon of New Hampshire Public Radio. […]

Spin Room

A dizzying evening in the spin room I covered the debate for NHPR and later filed this freelance story for NPR’s On the Media. HOST BROOKE GLADSTONE: After Thursday’s debate wrapped up, the weary candidates exited stage right and went, not home to bed, but on to the Spin Room. There, the reporters ask the […]

AARP NH Primary debate

Democratic Candidates Target GOP Medicare Drug Plan during AARP Debate The Republican-backed Medicare prescription drug bill is providing a convenient target for some of the Democratic Presidential candidates. At a forum in New Hampshire Tuesday, some of them slammed the Republican plan, which would provide prescription drugs to senior citizens.  The sponsor of the event, […]

NH Loves Motorcycles

New Hampshire loves Motorcycles From New Hampshire Public Radio, Raquel Maria Dillon finds New Hampshire residents are awfully fond of motorcycles. Despite the ice and snow, residents of the Granite state own more bikes per capita than residents of any other state. Listen with Windows Media Player: NH Motorcycles (transcript after the jump)

Benson takes Heed: Governor picks his AG

Benson takes Heed After months of delays, Governor Craig Benson has finally chosen an Attorney General. He announced the nomination at the Executive Council meeting this afternoon. New Hampshire Public Radio’s Raquel Maria Dillon reports. Listen to MP3: Benson Take Heed (Script after jump)

Telefutura launches

New Spanish-language network debuts The Spanish-language TV station Univision has been one of the few expanding outfits during the latest saga of cutbacks and layoffs in the American media. This week it even unveiled an offshoot network with a special emphasis on American (and English-language) culture to target bilingual youths. OTM’s Raquel Maria Dillon reports […]