How I spent my shelter-in-place/work-/teach-cation

It was nice to be essential—for about a week! Positives: driving into downtown San Francisco and parking for free. Negatives: zero lunch options, being afraid of colleagues, sudden-onset hypochondria.

Soon I knew it was time to drag the show into remote production, to get everyone except the steadfast engineers out of the newsroom. Considering the challenges, we managed pretty well!

I miss ambi and light features. But I did pitch and produce this:

How a Hospital Chaplain Comforts Patients Without Hugs or Holding Hands

Here’s to a vaccine, re-opened schools, and big parties where everyone hugs and dances all night!


Also, we won a regional Murrow! Our breaking coverage of the Kincaid Fire won in the Breaking News category. That’s me hosting under Region 2/Large Market. I also helped explain how the fire started, and celebrated along with the returning evacuees. Mad credit to the reporters who contributed and to editor Ted Goldberg.