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A few years ago, I worked at the now-defunct, a startup dedicated to retelling episodes from history for online audiences. My friend Charlotte brought me on board as a video editor and producer. This was back when people still watched horizontal video on Facebook. I wrote scripts and edited videos, managed freelancers, wrote a […]

More digital video for NBCBayArea

Day turns for Look what a difference a new template makes! My improvised template was much harder to work with: Steelhead Rescue Giving Stump Stomper Mural New and improved template from NBC HQ: Women’s Mosque Methane Drones Cash-Free Restaurant Peeps Dioramas

New job!

Just started, but not wasting time. This first-person package got mad play online and picked up by NBC affiliates across the country. A quirky presidential primary story for Presidents’ Day? Just what the station ordered! And I didn’t fall off the roof. In retrospect, I see a bazillion errors, but you do what you can with […]