I’m a (student) Emmy award-winning producer!

When I was a grad student at UC Berkeley’s Journalism School, I produced a half-hour weekly show on the theme of religion which won a student Emmy in 2007. I pitched the topic to my co-producers, vetted my classmates’ story ideas and designed an anchor-less format that let MOS interviews transition between the packages, all within a week. I can’t […]

Mi Triqui: Life in Three Languages

Back by popular demand: Mi Triqui: Life in Three Languages. This is a real Throwback Thursday, going back to 2007. Several people contacted me on Twitter after blip.tv took down this old video. So here it is! This is the story of Bernandina Hernandez, a 23-year-old Hollister woman who speaks three languages: English, Spanish and Triqui. […]

SETI Telescope

I produced this science story at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. A classmate shot and I reported, produced, edited and pretended to be Leslie Stahl from 60 Minutes.