Recent Radio Work

Here’s a long overdue post with my latest work in audio, mostly for KQED. 

Orinda Shooting, live field reporting, 11/1/19 — I went live a lot that morning, starting at 5:30am. Here are some select hits: for The California Report statewide segment, for the local newscast on the hour, and on KQED’s call-in show, Forum. 

Kincaid Fire Interviews, anchoring, 10/24/19 — I was filling in as morning anchor on the morning of the Kincaid fire. We busted out some of NPR newscasts at the top of the hour to fit in more local content and live interviews from the evacuation zone.

Kincaid Malfunction, 2way, 10/25/19 — I hosted this live interview during the local segment of Morning Edition.

Newscasts, anchoring, 10/28/19 and 10/30/19 — Again, two short local newscasts from KQED’s Kincaid Fire coverage. I like the celebratory sound in the second ‘cast.

The California Report, anchoring, 8/27/19 — The California Report is a statewide newscast for public radio stations across the state. I like how the tops of these two shows turned out: the first with a number (57!) and the second with some nice sound. We produce two ‘casts per morning and often repeat the feature or interview.

Supervised Injection Demo, 2way, 8/26/18 — I was interviewed by the afternoon host about the reporting I did earlier that day.

Vaccine Study, spot, 12/23/19 — At first, I didn’t want to do this story because I didn’t understand why it was news. But I take pride in being able to make sense of health and medicine stories for listeners.

Nematodes, superspot, 11/12/19 — Another science nerd story. Maybe I was showing off a bit by pitching a story from one of the most remote and uninhabitable parts of the state.