More Recent Radio Work

Here’s another long overdue post with my latest. Most of this got done from my bedroom closet-studio.

Two 2-ways on Rolling Blackouts

Michael Wara 8/15/20 — I’m proud of this one because it was all mine. I was solo on a weekend the morning after the rolling-blackouts so I had to book, edit, produce, and engineer this 2-way on my own. Late the evening before, I booked Wara for 6:15am. He recorded himself with Tape-a-Call. I synced the interview myself and cut it in time to air at 7:30am.

Severin Borenstein 9/7/20 — This one was more of a team effort. For both of these, I drew on the fact that I had covered the 2001 rolling blackouts when I was a baby reporter. My goal was to explain what happened and why, to listeners who didn’t remember back then, what was different to those who did, and how and why a regulatory agency and a private power monopoly work together to execute these outages.

Wildfires: LNU Featurettes and 2-ways 8/19-21/20

Day 1: Live from Vacaville and Helen the Pig — best sound

Day 2: Live from Calistoga Incident Command and Pope Valley — best 2-way

Day 3: Live on Forum and Grist Mill — best writing

Day Umpteen (9/2/20): Chasing Wildfires — I’ve been fascinated by Craig Clements’ research for a while now. I hope it’s not too obvious in this interview that I’m a total fangirl. So while he wanted to explain the data analysis, I was more interested in the exciting meteorologist-as-cowboy stuff. I still love talking to scientists.

Day 15 Billion of the 2020 Fire Season (9/28/20) — The Shady Fire blew through so I interviewed the mayor of Santa Rosa and KQED reporter Shannon Lin who talked to evacuees.

Covid Coverage

Oaklandish and Business Insurance (7/24/20) — What I remember about this interview is how defeated she sounded.

Bob Wachter (10/30/20) predicted the winter surge when San Francisco paused its reopening. Then my colleague Kevin Stark told me about the arrival of the vaccine on the same day (12/14/20) public health officials issued a dire warning about the coming hospital crunch.

Covid and McClymonds’ Warriors (7/21/20) — I miss doing regular field interviews!

And since we’re approaching a whole year of Covid, here’s the first story I ever reported on the coronavirus, back on January 27, 2020. I also interviewed a Wuhan native about shipping PPE to his hometown back in February. Here’s me being talking about the first lockdown on March 18, 2020. We knew so little and much of it was wrong. It makes my head hurt.

Miscellaneous stuff from the before-times:

Bay Area Freeway Naming Conventions 11/29/20

Presidential Candidates on Climate Change 3/2/20 Hear me rattle off the names of the Democrats all in one breath!

Supervised Injection Sites 9/18/19

Middle School Gym Class 2/4/20 Gotta end with a kicker!