More Audio Hosting

Berkeley Rep Podcast Series April 16, 2021

Stanford Republicans-AP Firing, May 24, 2021

The California Report hosting, August 27, 2019

Middle School Gym Class February 4, 2020 Gotta end with a kicker!

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Is J&J a Second-Rate Vaccine? April 26, 2021 — original idea and Q&A webpost

Variant Research-Mission February 2, 2021 — original idea

Chasing Wildfires September 2, 2020 — I’ve been fascinated by Craig Clements’ research for a while now. I hope it’s not too obvious in this interview that I’m a total fangirl. So while he wanted to explain the data analysis, I was more interested in the exciting meteorologist-as-cowboy stuff. I still love talking to scientists.

Shady Fire September 28, 2020 — I interviewed the mayor of Santa Rosa and KQED reporter Shannon Lin who talked to evacuees.