Los Globos de Oro y los Latin Grammys

I help out the Entertainment vertical in the AP’s LA bureau when I can. Below is a story I wrote for the Spanish-language wire.  Every November I cover the Latin Grammys for an English-speaking audience. I try to focus on acts that would interest someone who prefers to read in English but still follows rock en espanol, reggaeton, cantautores, as well as the usual suspects.  My favorite […]

Strike reveals lack of women writers

As recent picket lines suggest, female writers are still relatively scarce in Hollywood By Raquel Maria Dillon | ASSOCIATED PRESS LOS ANGELES (AP) _ As Hollywood’s striking scribes ventured out to their picket lines over the last two months, it’s been plain to see – female writers are outnumbered by their male colleagues. “I’m surprised […]

Fossilized walrus “oosik” up for auction

4-foot mummified bone from extinct species of walrus highlights interest in ancient artifacts By RAQUEL MARIA DILLON Associated Press Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Among all the fossils, skeletons, meteorites and gemstones for sale Sunday at the I.M. Chait Gallery natural history auction, lot #127 stands out. It’s a mummified baculum, or penis bone, from […]

‘Lolcats’ toy with language

Do you speak Kitteh? By RAQUEL MARIA DILLON for ASAP (AP’s now defunct multimedia service) LOS ANGELES (AP) _It looks like the inspirational posters found in a guidance counselor’s office — a Siamese kitten playing with balls of colorful yarn. Then there’s the caption: “I’m in ur fizx lab, testn ur string therry.” Lolcats — […]

Swaying to soundtrack of life

SONOMA COUNTY FAIR: Trio Zaragoza takes audience down memory lane with greatest hits of 1940s Mexico This story ran on Sunday’s A1 and with an audio slideshow online. The editors were desperate for a piece about the growing popularity of the county fair among Latino families. I couldn’t think of anything interesting to say about […]

NH Loves Motorcycles

New Hampshire loves Motorcycles From New Hampshire Public Radio, Raquel Maria Dillon finds New Hampshire residents are awfully fond of motorcycles. Despite the ice and snow, residents of the Granite state own more bikes per capita than residents of any other state. Listen with Windows Media Player: NH Motorcycles (transcript after the jump)