Santa Barbara town in shock after mass shooting

Usually on breaking stories, especially ones about death and destruction, I concentrate on feeding video to producers in DC where my colleagues package it or feed it out to clients. I often don’t have time to voice a package, much less shoot a standup, because they want more, more, better, now! For this story, I filed […]

Tucson Shooting: Ron Barber tours memorial

I was sent to Tucson to cover the Gabrielle Giffords shooting. This is one of a handful of packages I turned that week. I also contributed to multiple text stories, including the first account from the intern who staunched the congresswoman’s blood and helped save her life.  

Yes, I do stand-ups.

AP’s video products didn’t require stand-ups, so I only did them when a package deserved it – and when I could shoot solo without risking my gear or my dignity. Back in school, I interned at KTVU-Ch. 2 in its heyday, made an audition reel, anchored our student newsmagazine without a teleprompter, and channelled Leslie Stahl to report on the search […]