‘Lolcats’ toy with language

Do you speak Kitteh? By RAQUEL MARIA DILLON for ASAP (AP’s now defunct multimedia service) LOS ANGELES (AP) _It looks like the inspirational posters found in a guidance counselor’s office — a Siamese kitten playing with balls of colorful yarn. Then there’s the caption: “I’m in ur fizx lab, testn ur string therry.” Lolcats — […]

Mi Triqui: Life in Three Languages

Back by popular demand:┬áMi Triqui: Life in Three Languages. This is a real Throwback Thursday, going back to 2007. Several people contacted me on Twitter after blip.tv took down this old video. So here it is! This is the story of Bernandina Hernandez, a 23-year-old Hollister woman who speaks three languages: English, Spanish and Triqui. […]