What bunnies do in Springtime

Just in time for Easter, I shot and edited this package about a big bunny. It got lots of eyeballs online and on social. Definitely watch to the end!

I’m experimenting with formatting text on the screen while also learning Edius. It was so fast and effortless with Final Cut — all muscle memory. Think about an edit, fingers fly, and it happens on the screen… The switch has slowed me down a bit. My goal is to be “bilingual” with editing software, maybe trilingual. But I still think Edius is clunky compared to FCP or Premiere.

How big was the bunny? This big:

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Package on water infrastructure generates hits

I will be the first to admit that I might have grumbled a bit when I got this assignment. An exhaustive look at the degraded water infrastructure across the US… I’m usually not scared of wonky stories, but this was Not a natural video story.

Then I grumbled some more while pouring through 7 wire stories to identify a handful of representative locations and interviews. But the print reporters pointed me in the right direction. With some help from a colleague in Iowa, this package came together.

Collaboration paid off. It got picked up by 31 stations/outlets – the most for 2015. Here’s how KTVU in Oakland used my package to fill 5 minutes in their 4pm newscast and send viewers to their website, which hosted AP’s interactive map.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think this was my best package ever. (Tho it wasn’t bad for only 2 days of shooting and a day to write and edit.) But I do think it’s a powerful example of cross-format collaboration.